[ingo] sieve filters and preferences

emacias@usb.ve emacias at usb.ve
Mon Nov 6 06:49:55 PST 2006

I have some doubts with respect filters configuration.

1.- When configure ingo for working with storage driver "preferences  
system", option "New
rules" works great, ingo save filters into horde_prefs table. But when  
i want to work
with storage driver "sql", ingo doesn't save "rules new" in ingo_rules table.

2.- Now, if i want to work with sieve filters. (of course, i put sieve  
backend into
backends.php), i don't know if sieve filters that i created are saving  
in imap server?

3.- When i have sieve backend active, imp doesn't show filter icon at  
messages view,

thanks guys!!!

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