[ingo] "mark as seen" option?

Marc Sluiter news at msluiter.de
Sat Nov 11 08:09:06 PST 2006

I'm using maildrop since some time. How can I find out if maildrop 
supports this, or if I have another problem?

Jan Schneider schrieb am 11.11.2006 16:30:
> Zitat von Marc Sluiter <news at msluiter.de>:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm missing the option to mark mails as seen when a rule matches. I'm 
>> quite sure it was there some time ago, but now it isn't anymore... I 
>> updated to yesterday's snapshots of horde, framework, imp, dimp, ingo, 
>> kronolith, turba, nag and mnemo, but I'm not sure if it worked before 
>> that update, I didn't change rules for a while...
>> Any hints what can cause this?
> It's still there, but it might depend on your backend whether it is 
> available.
> Jan.
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