[ingo] Trouble configuring INGO

Jan Krumsiek tin_nospam at oleco.net
Thu Jan 4 04:31:05 PST 2007

>> I actually tried that before. My backends.php reads:
>> $backends['imap'] = array(
>>    'driver' => 'null',
>>    'preferred' => 'localhost',
>>    'hordeauth' => true,
>>    'params' => array(),
>>    'script' => 'imap',
>>    'scriptparams' => array()
>> );
>> Does not work even though I am using the same IMAP settings for IMP which
>> works perfectly. I am using Courier-IMAP but that shouldn't have 
>> something
>> to do with the problem, should it?
>> What could be wrong?

> *What* doesn't work?

Oh ok, I'm sorry, forgot about any error descriptions.

I setup a filter rule which was supposed to move all mails with 
"*****SPAM*****" in the subject
(also tried rules without special chars like *) into my Spam folder. This 
rule does not seem to be applied
to any emails, all mails still arrive in my inbox.

Thanks so far,

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