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  For starters, I hope I am emailing the right address. I didn't see much in the way of contact information on the Horde Project website. Feel free to forward this message to the appropriate email if need be.

How would I block (using Blacklist filter) an entire domain name? Do I just use the *? I.e. *@abc.com or would I just use @abc.com ? I have a spam filter on my address where I use Horde Email, however it isn't blocking everything.

I think this is the version of Horde I am using: Revision:

I hope I gave you the right information. If not please email me back.

I browsed around for some documentation on different things you can do with Blacklist filters but I couldn't find anything. If there is documentation and you just want to point me to that, that would be fine as well. Thanks!

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