[ingo] error activating script

Philippe Trolliet p.trolliet at novatec-gmbh.de
Mon Mar 19 17:10:21 UTC 2007

i can´t activate scripts with ingo.
in the frontend i get following error:
There was an error activating the script. The driver said: "Authentication

in backends.php i uncommented everything but:
$backends['sieve'] = array(
    'driver' => 'timsieved',
    'preferred' => 'localhost',
    'hordeauth' => 'full',
    'params' => array(
        // Hostname of the timsieved server
        'hostspec' => 'localhost',
        // Login type of the server
        'logintype' => 'PLAIN',
        // Enable/disable TLS encryption
        'usetls' => true,
        // Port number of the timsieved server
        'port' => 2000,
        // Name of the sieve script
        'scriptname' => 'ingo',
        // The following settings can be used to specify an administration
        // user to update all users' scripts.
        // 'admin' => 'cyrus',
        // 'password' => '*****',
        // 'username' => Auth::getAuth(),
    'script' => 'sieve',
    'scriptparams' => array()

i /var/log/maillog i get following error:

Mar 19 18:05:47 mail master[25461]: about to exec
Mar 19 18:05:47 mail sieve[25461]: executed
Mar 19 18:05:47 mail sieve[25431]: badlogin: mail[] PLAIN
authentication failure

when i execute following command
$ sivtest -u p.trolliet at novaware.de -a p.trolliet at novaware.de
it is successful and i get following message in the log:

Mar 19 18:07:41 mail master[25475]: about to exec
Mar 19 18:07:41 mail sieve[25475]: executed
Mar 19 18:07:44 mail sieve[25461]: login: mail[]
p^trolliet at novaware.de PLAIN User logged in

i don´t know what to do.


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