[ingo] URGENT Compatibility Problem between Cyrus and Ingo (Whitelist sieve)

Chr. v. Stuckrad stucki at mi.fu-berlin.de
Sun Jul 29 12:26:43 UTC 2007


I'm new to the list, because I'm postmaster of {math/inf/mi}.fu-berlin.de
and we recently installed a cyrus mailstore and then ingo to generate
sieve filter rules in/on that cyrus.

Way to late I realized a semantic incompatibility between the two
following installed methods (1,2) of delivering our mail:

What happens is:

1) the MTA puts Spam (tagged by spamassassin) into <USER+spam at mailstore>
which cyurus interprets as
- "if not filtered elsewhere, put into Box named 'spam' foer USER"

2) INGO creates a 'whitelist' using  sieve clause which does (something like)
- "if ...adress... is ...in.... then ***keep***"

3) This 'keep' is interpreted by cyrus/sieve as
- "do the default action, as if there was no sieve script"

The result is - *NO* WHITELIST - any more, because "keep" results in
accepting the MTA's default "+spam".  Of course Uers complain ;-)

Now I seem to have two ways out
A) eighter revoking the whole concept of letting the MTA decide on '+spam',
   THEN I'd need a default ingo script/database-entry per User
   *pre*installed to have the spamfilter on-by-default, or
B) I somehow patch the 'whitelist-Sieve-Script' to
   use 'fileinto INBOX' instead of 'keep' to safely avoid false-positives.

I'd prefer the latter option, but could not find out how, beause
the definitions of the whitelist-scripting rely heavily on defaults
inside ingo, so I could not find the place to patch/adapt it.

Is somebody on the list, who is deep enough into 'ingo-coding' to
help me, or is there another way to switch 'whitelist's behaviour?

Thanks for help, hints, pointers, rtfm's ...       Stucki

Christoph von Stuckrad      * * |nickname |<stucki at mi.fu-berlin.de>   \
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