[ingo] blacklist don't work properly

Diego D'Angelo diego at gnux.com.ar
Sun May 25 01:36:22 UTC 2008

hello list, i have a problem with the filter "black list" in ingo1

I use :
ingo 1.1.2-1
horde 3.1.3-4etch3
imp 4.1.3-4
In debian etch and my problem is that Ingo don't filter all mails that i 
add in the blacklist.

For example :

I add this:

user1 at domain.com
user2 at domain.com

in the blacklist...
them, i send mail with this two mail to where i set this filter and the 
blacklist only filter one of this mail and the other don't...

this thing is happening with no logical that i can find...

other thing, if i create a new filter this created filter work always fine.

Can someone help me where is the problem? A bug in blacklist?

Very thanks

Diego D'Angelo
Area Tecnología
Dirección Gral. de Informática
Municipalidad de Rosario

Tel: +54 341 4802568
Fax: +54 341 4802252

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