[ingo] SPAM related...

ANANT S ATHAVALE asa at isac.gov.in
Wed Jun 18 12:21:22 UTC 2008

Dear List:

Need some clarification.

I have setup one filter rule.

For an incoming message that matches, All of the following,  
X-Spam-Score Greater than or equal to 2.1, Deliver to folder SPAM.

I found few mails with following headers were moved to SPAM folder.

X-Sieve:   	 CMU Sieve 2.2
X-Spam-Level:  	**
X-Spam-Score:  	2.037
X-Spam-Status:  	No, score=2.037 tagged_above=2 required=6.31  
tests=[ALL_TRUSTED=-1.44, AWL=-2.691, DC_IMAGE_SPAM_HTML=0.001,  
X-Virus-Scanned:  	amavisd-new at isac.gov.in

If you see, the X-Spam-score is less than 2.1.  Why it got moved to  
SPAM folder.
We use Cyrus-timsieved sieve scripts for Filters.

As per my observation, this problem has started happening from  
yesterday and it coincides with my clamav upgradation to 0.93.1 from  
0.93.  I don't think clamav has anything to do with this.  Amavisd-new  
version remains the same.  No upgradation done on that.

We use Ingo 1.1.4.

Please suggest how do I debug to know why it is being sent to SPAM folder.


Anant Athavale.

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