[ingo] Add to white / black list

Juan Asensio Sánchez okelet at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 18:27:36 UTC 2008


I have configured Horde, IMP (Dovecot), Ingo (Dovecot-Sieve) and SAM
(Amavis LDAP backend), so the white and black list are stored in LDAP,
and configured from SAM, not from Ingo. I have disabled these lists in
the Ingo preferences (although the icons already appear in the
toolbar, why?). When I view a message I have two buttons to add the
sender to the white or black list, but those buttons add the sender to
the lists of Ingo. What could be the best way to make these buttons
modify the fields configured for the SAM backend?

Thanks in advance.

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