[ingo] more variables for maildrop backend vfs_path

dev at stean.ch dev at stean.ch
Sat Oct 11 07:44:36 UTC 2008

hello all,

i am about to make tests with ingo using maildrop as backend.
using the latest stable release.

i have running multiple virtual domains on the server and the
mail users do not have ftp nor ssh access to the server, so
i need to use one single system user that will be used by the
backend to transfer the scripts via ftp.

so here some parts out of the backend.php:

$backends['maildrop'] = array(
     'driver' => 'vfs',
     'hordeauth' => false,
     'params' => array(
         'filename' => '.mailfilter',
         'username' => 'MAILDROPUSER',
         'password' => 'MAILDROPPWD',
         'vfs_path' => '/SOMEWHERE/%u/',
         'vfstype' => 'ftp',

now having user sam at domain1 and sam at domain2 which are not the same
persons, i would get only one single /SOMEWHERE/sam/.mailfilter file.
setting hordeauth to false, needed to authenticate with a non horde
user, will cause ingo/lib/Driver/vfs.php to cut off the domain part
from the user.

is there an existing way to get back the domain part without modifying
the ingo scripts?

or what about extending ingo in a future release to be more flexible
to have more variables for the path? something like
/SOMEWHERE/domain1/sam and /SOMEWHERE/domain2/sam, by having new %d
variable for example. which i allready implemented for the time beeing
in Ingo.php and vfs.php to be able to go on with my tests.

any thoughts or answers to the missing domain?

regards, stephan

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