[ingo] newbie needin help with sieve server/ingo config.

Jason Welsh jason at monsterjam.org
Thu Oct 22 19:05:57 UTC 2009

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de wrote:
> Zitat von Jason Welsh <jason at monsterjam.org>:
>> hey folks, we have  a linux server with
>>     * Horde: 3.3.5
>>     * Imp: H3 (4.3.5)
>>       <https://birdhouse.cisco.com/horde/imp/test.php>
>>     * Ingo: H3 (1.2.2)
>> and I also have a dovecot server with sieved running on a  separate
>> solaris  box.
>> Im trying to get the linux box with ingo to talk to the sieve server,
>> but I cant figure out what backends to use in my
>> ingo/config/backends.php
>> Im *assuming* that its timsieved, but this doesnt seem to be working at
>> all.. What I mean is, when I try to save a new rule that I created in
>> ingo, Im expecting it to get stored on the solaris server with the
>> dovecot, I never see packets from the linux box -> solaris box on tcp
>> port 2000..
>> Or is that not the way its supposed to work?
> This should work if you have a sieve damon listening on the solaris
> box and you need PEAR Net_Sieve on the Horde Installation.
> Regards
> Andreas
on the horde box:  pear/Net_Sieve is already installed and is the same
as the released version 1.1.7

when I telnet to the solaris box on port 2000, I get

[root at birdhouse]# telnet solarisbox 2000
Connected to solarisbox.mydomain.com (
Escape character is '^]'.
"IMPLEMENTATION" "Cyrus timsieved v2.2.13"
"SIEVE" "fileinto reject envelope encoded-character vacation subaddress
comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational regex imap4flags copy include body
variables enotify environment"
"NOTIFY" "mailto"
"VERSION" "1.0"
OK "Dovecot ready."

but when I try to save rules on the horde/ingo web interface, I never
see any packets on the solaris box coming from the horde linux box.
and I see the following message on the webpage:
# ErrorThere was an error activating the script. The driver said: Not
currently in TRANSACTION state


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