[ingo] Help wanted with backend configuration

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sat Apr 16 09:49:35 UTC 2011

Zitat von "VALOIS, Pascal" <pascal.valois at devinci.fr>:

> I configured the following backend.local.php in ingo to add filter  
> support with sieve.
> But when i modify filters, i see imap2 connexion to the server and  
> no connection to timsieve (port 2000).
> Is there anything wrong with this backend ?

No, but with your configuration. config/backends.php contains an  
example right at the top how to enable and disable backends.

> And another question. In previous releases of horde/imp/ingo we  
> could use "'preferred' => ($_SESSION['imp']['server']),".
> but when i use $_SESSION['imp']['server'] in hostspec, it tells me  
> that there is no such variable.
> is there a way to do this in this new release ?

$registry->mail->server() returns a server information hash.


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