[ingo] BUG: Moving filter in filter list always moves by one

Olivier olivier at ablinux.com
Thu May 26 13:54:01 UTC 2011


In Ingo 2.0.1, when i move a rule by more than one step, using the 
rightest input form field corresponding to the rule and indicating the 
new number, the rule is always move by one, not by the number i specify.

It seems to be a bug in ingo/filters.php, for case rule_up and rule_down...
>     case 'rule_up':
>         $filters->ruleUp($vars->rulenumber, $vars->steps || 1);
>         break;
>     case 'rule_down':
>         $filters->ruleDown($vars->rulenumber, $vars->steps || 1);
>         break;
The expression "$vars->steps || 1" always returns a true boolean value, 
not the form indicated step !!

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