[ingo] Filter not accepted

Dirk Deimeke dirk at deimeke.net
Tue Aug 2 16:21:08 UTC 2011

Answering Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
(Tue, 02 Aug 2011 11:01:16 +0200):

Hi Jan,

>>>>> Please don't strip too much information. I already don't know  
>>>>> anymore which version of Ingo you use for example.
>>>> oh, sorry, did I miss that? I am using the recent version of  
>>>> Horde Groupware Webmail Edition and the Ingo version that came  
>>>> with the installation.
>>>>>> So I have one line per forum I use, each on the senders address.
>>>>> You mean one criteria per forum? The address fields only allow a  
>>>>> single line anyway.
>>>> Yes, you are right, I did not find the correct word.
>>>> One criterion contains "Mails from forum at example.org", the next  
>>>> contains "Mails from admin at forum.example.com". And if any of them  
>>>> matches the mails should go to the folder "2do".
>>>>>> The filter should trigger the move if any of the sender  
>>>>>> addresses is matched, but it filters only if the first one in  
>>>>>> the list matches.
>>>>>> $conf[storage][driver] SQL
>>>>>> $conf[storage][params][driverconfig] Horde defaults
>>>>>> $conf[storage][maxblacklist] 0
>>>>>> $conf[storage][maxwhitelist] 0
>>>>>> $conf[rules][userheader] (ticked)
>>>>>> $conf[spam][compare] String
>>>>>> $conf[spam][header] X-Spam-Level
>>>>>> $conf[spam][char] *
>>>>>> $conf[menu][apps] (none chosen)
>>>>> And which filter backend do you use?
>>>> Where can I find that information? I did not touch anything but  
>>>> "userheader" so it should not be sieve, correct?
>>> If you didn't change anything from the default setup, it would be  
>>> the IMAP backend.
>> It works with the horde version before, what do I have to do to  
>> come to the same point with the recent version?
> Make a bug report and attach an imap log.

Nothing to see there. Nothing in syslog ("HORDE") and the following in  

Aug  2 18:17:07 foo postfix/smtpd[11006]: connect from  
Aug  2 18:17:08 foo postgrey[1703]: action=pass, reason=client AWL,  
client_name=mx19.bluewin.ch, client_address=,  
sender=dirk.deimeke at bluewin.ch, recipient=dirk at deimeke.net
Aug  2 18:17:08 foo postfix/smtpd[11006]: 24DA719EFD7C:  
Aug  2 18:17:08 foo postfix/qmgr[3155]: 24DA719EFD7C:  
from=<dirk.deimeke at bluewin.ch>, size=1211, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Aug  2 18:17:08 foo postfix/qmgr[3155]: A48AA19EFE25:  
from=<dirk.deimeke at bluewin.ch>, size=1848, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Aug  2 18:17:08 foo amavis[30713]: (30713-10) Passed CLEAN,  
[] [] <dirk.deimeke at bluewin.ch> ->  
<dirk at deimeke.net>, Message-ID: <20110802181707.385f332d at drusus>,  
mail_id: A8pN9cnKWy8x, Hits: -3.792, size: 1211, queued_as:  
A48AA19EFE25, 496 ms
Aug  2 18:17:38 foo postfix/smtpd[11006]: disconnect from  

Filter Rule: match any of
from: dirk.deimeke at gmail.com
from: dirk.deimeke at bluewin.ch
copy to folder: Personen



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