[ingo] Preauth hook not working

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Aug 22 15:36:10 UTC 2011

Zitat von Jonathan Westerholt <joniw at t-online.de>:

> Hello
> I want to use ingo to manage my sieve filter through dovecot/managesieved.
> The problem is that i use logins without a domain part for horde. Then i use
> a preauth hook to append the domain tot he username.
> In IMP it is working and i see my mails. In INGO the preauth hook is also
> executed but when i want to see the actual sieve script or save one to the
> server i get an "Authentication failed.".
> In the dovecot log i can see that the horde username is used without the
> domain appended. I also tried to use the authusername hook but it also does
> not work because it seems that it is not used (No log message is seen in the
> log).
> Do you have any ideas how can i make the preauth hook work or should i use
> another hook?

Sounds like you don't need a hook at all, but only have the  
'hordeauth' parameter set to 'full'.


Do you need professional PHP or Horde consulting?

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