[ingo] :from "username at add.ress" setting in Vacation sieve-script

Geri Anggara geri_anggara at yahoo.com.sg
Tue Sep 13 10:06:29 UTC 2011

Dear List

our horde here set vacation in this format:

vacation :days # :addresses "username at add.ress" :subject "somthing subject " "Vacation"

Is it possible to change it to 

vacation :days # :from "username at add.ress" :addresses "username at add.ress" :subject "somthing subject " "Vacation"

We need it because our MX deliver mail in username at FQDN format to the POP server , without :from statement inside sieve-script,
it will become From: username at FQDN format as well, and that does not look nice

Our pop3 server is dovecot 1.2   the sieve is managed-sieve.

Many-many thanks

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