[ingo] Rules don't match with non-english characters

B.Baransel BAĞCI bagcib at itu.edu.tr
Sun Jul 15 18:47:33 UTC 2012

Hi list;

I have a problem with the filter on non-english characters (turkish  
chracters) like 'ı' 'ü'  etc. I set a rule with matching subject and  
some action. If my text has non-english characters, filters doesn't  
work. Just don't matching with email.

My database is utf8, In database, characters are correct. When  
creating and editing rule, i can see correct characters. Locale  
settings are utf8 english (both server and horde). My system is horde  
4.0.14 - Ingo 2.0.7 - Imp 5.0.21 on linux system with Php 5.3.3

Any idea? Also, i can't find the correct php file that compare the  
strings. Where is the rule matching function?

B.Baransel BAĞCI
İstanbul Technical University

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