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Michael Bunk - Computer Leipzig mb at computer-leipzig.com
Fri Nov 2 14:01:06 UTC 2012

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Am 07.09.2012 17:16, schrieb Ralf Lang:
> Am 07.09.2012 16:40, schrieb Michael Bunk - Computer Leipzig:
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to contribute the code for this, an Ingo_Script and an 
>> Ingo_Transport class.  Can I send a patch to this list?
>> Best regards, Michael
> I think a feature ticket for bugs.horde.org would be best. You can
> attach a patch there or send a pull request on github.
> Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you for the fast reply.  I cannot compete with that, I even missed
the release :)

Anyways, I didn't open a ticket but made a pull request:

Best regards,

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