[ingo] Filters are not applied

cjdl01 cjdl01 at brokensolstice.com
Sat Aug 31 16:23:16 UTC 2013


I'm using horde on debian Squeeze.  I have everything up to date on  
the debain host, and I have everything up to date with pear (and all  
horde components) as of yesterday. I am using sendmail with procmail,  
and using maildir format for messages.

Everything was working great, but then we noticed that new filter  
rules were not getting applied.  They seemed to be added without  
complaint, but when I look t the corresponding .procmailrc, the rule  
was never entered (or removed, if that was the case).  Looking at the  
date stamps, I can see this problem has existed for several months,  
but since the interface wasn't complaining, users just assumed it was  
something they did.

I have been fiddling with our backends.local.php for many hours now,  
and nothing I try seems to make a difference.

If I make a new rule, it will show up in the ingo interface, and I get  
two green pop-ups indicating that the rule was made.  But, again, it  
never shows up in the .procmailrc.

I cannot find any errors in the horde log (and I have it set to  
debug). I have tried wiping all filters and starting from scratch, but  
it doesn't help.  I have checked the ingo_rules table, and I see the  
rules are present there.  I check my ftp logs, and it looks like the  
file transfer is occurring as it should:

Sat Aug 31 11:52:29 2013 [pid 3] [george] OK UPLOAD: Client  
"10.x.x.x", "/home/george/.procmailrc", 8134 bytes, 9183.07Kbyte/sec
Sat Aug 31 11:53:33 2013 [pid 2] CONNECT: Client "10.x.x.x"
Sat Aug 31 11:53:33 2013 [pid 1] [george] OK LOGIN: Client "10.x.x.x"
Sat Aug 31 11:53:33 2013 [pid 3] [george] OK UPLOAD: Client  
"10.x.x.x", "/home/george/.procmailrc", 8191 bytes, 11956.69Kbyte/sec
Sat Aug 31 11:53:41 2013 [pid 2] CONNECT: Client ""

10.x.x.x here is the address of the horde box.  FTP is restricted to  
the local machine only.

I have checked the perms on .procmailrc for the given user.  They are  
appropriate.  But I noticed that if I delete .procmailrc, a new one is  
never generated by ingo.  If I touch a new one (as that user of  
course), the file remains empty, even when ingo states the rule was  
created successfully.

The only oddity I see in the logs is this occasional entry:

Sat Aug 31 11:50:03 2013 [pid 1] [Administrator] FAIL LOGIN: Client  

I have no idea where that is coming from... must be some component of  
horde (because that is all this box is used for), but I don't have a  

I find this entry in the DB after creating a rule called "xxx rule":

|     181 | george          | xxx rule    |           2 |  
INBOX.Promotions |          0 |  

Finally, here is the procmail portion of my backends.local.php:

$backends['procmail'] = array(
     'disabled' => false,
     'transport' => array(
         Ingo::RULE_ALL => array(
             'driver' => 'vfs',
             'params' => array(
                 'hostspec' => 'localhost',
                 'filename' => '.procmailrc',
                 'vfs_path' => '/home/%u',
     'script' => array(
         Ingo::RULE_ALL => array(
             'driver' => 'procmail',
             'params' => array(
                 'path_style' => 'maildir',
                 'variables' => array(
                 'forward_string' => '"|/usr/bin/procmail"',
     'shares' => false

Thank you for any help.


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