[ingo] Ingo Fails In Script.php @ 116:createAll

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Tue Apr 15 13:53:42 UTC 2014

On Tue, 2014-04-15 at 08:30 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> I am attempting to update a Horde instance that uses Ingo with a SIEVE
> backend.  The filters application runs - but there are no filters
> displayed and no "New Rule" button.

Ah, my bad [sort of], the configuration of the SIEVE backend has
changed.  Now backends.local.php contains:

$backends['imap']['disabled'] = true;
$backends['sieve']['disabled'] = false;
$backends['sieve']['script'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['utf8'] = true;
$backends['sieve']['transport'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['hostspec'] =
$backends['sieve']['transport'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['logintype'] =
$backends['sieve']['transport'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['usetls'] =
$backends['sieve']['transport'][Ingo::RULE_ALL]['params']['port'] =
= 'ingo';
$backends['sieve']['shares'] = false;

 - and it works.  I was looking for docs in horde/ingo, but the docs are
in the pear module [pear/docs/ingo/UPGRADING], they mention the config

    The 'script' and 'transport' settings of the backend configuration
    have been changed from strings to arrays, to allow different
    backends for different filter rules.

Which is helpful, but not overly illustrative.

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