[ingo] Ingo&Maildrop

Staff Forwarding staff at 4xtra.com
Tue Aug 19 10:49:11 UTC 2014

Ii have a functioning Horde system with a Postfix/Courier mail server. 
I've only just got around to adding Maildrop filtering on the server 
side & now wish to link Ingo to Maildrop.

I've put the (what I believe to be) correct values into the backends.php 
& as I have virtual users created a new horde ftp user & added its 
details to hook.php

I can add and edit rules through Horde, but nothing is added to my 
mailfilter file. It could be permissions (of course) but I can't even 
see that the Maildrop .php is being invoked.

So, (a) any obvious pointers and (b) is there any way to trace the 
activity which occurs when I click save so that I can track down what 
I've done wrong?


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