[ingo] Better Ingo default rules

Daniel Vollbrecht d.vollbrecht at scram.de
Sat Dec 6 17:39:44 UTC 2014

Hi all,

so far I used to customize the Ingo standard rules with 
$_prefs['rules']. In the current version, I couldn't succeed in doing so 
yet. Maybe somewhere it is documented what exactly the string like 
"i:1;a:3" means...? The current version seems to ignore my previously 
working string.

Moreover, I noticed that the default rule order of a fresh installation 
doesn't make much sense:

whitelist, blacklist, vacation, forwarding, spam

In particular, spam should be handled no later than after the blacklist 
and at least before vacation and forwarding. Who wants to forward all 
the spam and reply to them with an absent note (concerning the keyword 

So first all spam related rules (white-/blacklist, spam) and then ham 
related rules (vacation, forwarding).

Is there any deeper sense for that or would my proposal to ship ingo 
with improved defaults be worth to be considered?

How can I adjust these rules to my desired order? 95% of my mail users 
don't know about those things and thus don't touch anything except 
setting spam filtering active. Therefore, I would be happy to have 
meaningful out of the box settings.

Best, Daniel

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