[ingo] default spam rule

meberhardt at unl.edu.ar meberhardt at unl.edu.ar
Mon Jul 6 17:55:14 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I can't configure the default spam rule for new accounts with imap  
backend. I enabled the spam rule in $_prefs['rules'] of ingo prefs, I  
can see ti enabled in DB, but the fields rule_value, rule_flags,  
rule_conditions, rule_combine and rule_stop are empty. Also,  
Ingo_Storage::ACTION_SPAM isn't defined in ingo/lib/Script/Imap.php.

If I define a rule as a user, I see it in the DB and it works. But,  
how can I define the same rule as a default spam rule for new users? I  
tried to put the php serialization of this rule in $_prefs['rules'],  
but can't get it working.


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