[ingo] Error related to hook

Hanns Mattes hanns at hannsmattes.de
Wed Mar 16 09:48:57 UTC 2016


I find this error in the logs:

EMERG: HORDE [ingo] Call to a member function getParam() on null [pid
26339 on line 26 of "/etc/horde/ingo/hooks.php"]



class Ingo_Hooks
     * Returns the username/password needed to connect to the transport
     * backend.
     * @param string $driver  The driver name (array key from
     * @return mixed  If non-array, uses Horde authentication credentials
                      (DEFAULT). Otherwise, an array with the following keys
     *                (non-existent keys will use default values):
     *  - euser: (string; SIEVE ONLY) For the sieve driver, the effective
     *           user to use.
     *  - password: (string) Password.
     *  - username: (string) User name.
     public function transport_auth($driver)
         switch ($driver) {
         case 'timsieved':
             // Example #2: Use IMP password/username.
             $ob = $GLOBALS['registry']->call('mail/imapOb');
             return array(
                 'euser' => $ob->getParam('username'),
                 'password' => $ob->getParam('password'),
                 'username' => $ob->getParam('username')

         return true;


Nevertheless Ingo is working fine.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance


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