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rad3.de | Matthias Höppner mh at rad3.de
Wed Sep 27 18:31:23 UTC 2017

Hello list,

we are a small cargo bike shop using a local horde server and getting 
mails (even authentication) from the server from domainfactory (df.eu).
All is working fine so far.
However I'm not able to use the vacation message function.
I can enable or disable white or black list for my users (both enabled) 
and even the vacation is enabled in the config file - but nothing 
appears in the backend for my users.

Seems there is no possibility to get the functionality running in 
connection with df.eu. Or is there a locale working mechanism I could use?
Being at a loss - also I'm only a "hobby administrator" happy that I got 
the system running even as VM :-).

Could you give me a hint?
Groupware 5.2.12 is running (Bitnami VM on Ubuntu)
Adressbuch Adressbuch (turba) 4.2.12
Aufgaben Aufgaben (nag) 4.2.7
content 2.0.5
Dateimanager Dateimanager (gollem) 3.0.7
Filter Filter (ingo) 3.2.8
Horde Horde (horde) 5.2.9
Kalender Kalender (kronolith) 4.2.13
Lesezeichen Lesezeichen (trean) 1.1.4
Notizen Notizen (mnemo) 4.2.9
timeobjects 2.1.1
Webmail Webmail (imp) 6.2.12


Best Regards
http://rad3.de <http://rad3.de/>

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