[ingo] about forwards

adiyaman adiyaman at metu.edu.tr
Fri Nov 3 06:02:48 UTC 2017


We use postfix & dovecot for mail delivery.  We have deployed horde5 for 
our organization. Previously were using horde3. We transferred user 
prefs, filters vs. to horde5 and announced users to use new webmail. We 
noticed that users cannot modify .forward files that used to forward 
mails at horde3. Even the can not see the .forward file content. Is 
there any way for horde5 to modify .forward files? I do not mean to use 
sieve rules for email forwarding but using .forward file instead. Also 
is it possible both using .forward files and sieve at the same time? Or 
can I integrate  old forwards module to horde5. When I try to do so I 
got the err msg "A fatal error has occurred Class 'Registry' not found" 
at file /usr/share/horde/forwards/lib/base.php on line 26 with forwards 

Thanks for help.


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