[ingo] Ingo not updating maildrop filters

Chris Hogan chris.hogan at 4xtra.com
Tue Apr 9 14:29:13 UTC 2019

I've had ingo running for some years on my old server, but due to a
disastrous crash I've had to move to a new machine.

I copied the existing horde folder & I've got most things working,
however when I try to update a filter rule-set I get "Script not
updated: There was an error activating the script. The driver said:
Authentication to FTP server failed"

I'm using maildrop, linked through ftp. My ftp user is called "vmail" &
I've checked that I can log on via ftp by using Filezilla - not
something I'd normally do to look at the mail folders, but it proves the
user has access with the password & port, as set in the files.

Given this is all copied from the old server, the Horde settings should
be OK, as long as I have replicated the environment around it, but I
assume I've missed something

in hooks..php I have

  case 'vfs':
            return array(
                'password' => 'the password I use',
                'username' => 'vmail'

and in backends.local.php

$backends['maildrop'] = array(
    // Disabled by default
    'disabled' => false,
    'transport' => array(
        Ingo::RULE_ALL => array(
            'driver' => 'vfs',
            'params' => array(

                'vfs_path' => '/%u',
                // VFS: FTP example
                // The VFS driver to use
                'vfstype' => 'ftp',
                // Port of the VFS server
                'port' => 2121,
                // Specify permissions for uploaded files if necessary:
                'file_perms' => '0600',

Can I increase the logging information to check exactly what my files
are instructing Ingo to do? It would be good to check that I've not
accidentally introduced some changes to the Postfix//Courier/Maildrop
settings which invalidate entries in these files. It's been running
happily on the old server for so many years that I've forgotten how to
do a lot of this - perhaps I'm not invoking ftp correctly at all?

I assume it is my misconfiguration somewhere, but any pointers would be
gratefully received

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