[kronolith] Call to undefined function

Mark Toomey mark at fcs.uga.edu
Thu Aug 7 09:56:18 PDT 2003

Hey folks,

Here's my setup:

Horde: 2.2.3 
IMP: 3.2.1 (run IMP tests) 
Forwards: 2.2 
Passwd: 2.2 
Turba: 1.2 
Vacation: 2.2 
Kronolith: 1.0 
Mnemo: 1.1 
Nag: 1.1 

Just installed Kronolith on Redhat 9 box using RPMkronolith-1.0-2.noarch.rpm

Did the configs for MySQL, but when I click on kronolith I get 

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: iswarning() in
/www/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver/sql.php on line 64

Is that earlier version of Kronolith not supported under Horde 2.2.3??


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