[nag] Two issues with Tasks ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy@hub.org
Fri Nov 8 14:48:50 2002

With latest CVS code:

Tasks - Options/Task Lists/Edit: I created a new task list and got the
message "The task list "Work Tasks" has been created.", but the list
does not show up in the drop-down menus to use.

Tasks - New Task: Is it possible to have the category default to unfiled
(or the first in the list or something)? Alternatively, we'll need an
error message to pop up when you try to save and haven't specified a
category - it just kind of sits there when I click on "save" and will
take people a while to figure out what's wrong... The notes module gives
a nice little pop-up error message if you try to save without a category
- could the Tasks module do that as well?

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