[nag] timezone in nag?

Hanser, Kevin kevin@merchantinternetgroup.com
Sat Nov 9 00:02:19 2002

I've noticed that nag does not seem to have a timezone setting in the
options, as do the other horde apps..  Normally this probably isn't a
problem, but my server is in a different time zone than I am, so the items I
enter in Nag seem to be keyed off the server's time, whereas all my
kronolith items are keyed off the time zone that I've specified in the
Guess I could just set the time zone on my server to my time zone, but
that's more of a workaround than a fix.  I'm reluctant to do that, as I may
eventually have people logging into my horde system from other timezones,
and then they would also experience this problem.
Is there a fix available or planned for this...?

Kevin Hanser 
System Administrator 
Merchant Internet Group, Inc. 


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