[sync] Horde Suite for Android OS

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Apr 16 08:44:01 UTC 2009

Zitat von Aakash Patel <aakashbpatel at gmail.com>:

> Hello everyone,
> I think this is the right mailing list for this, if not please let me know.
> I am developing a Horde app for the Android mobile OS that can sync e-mail,
> calender, contacts, tasks, and notes with the Android based phone, I was
> planning on trying to make a push mail type thing also, but I know that will
> take some work.
> First of all, would it even be possible to access the contents of the
> calender, contacts, task, and notes via the web without the web interface?
> If so, can someone lead me in the right direction on where to connect to?

You would have to use the Horde API through rpc.php. Which RPC  
mechanism you use is your choice.
But it might make more sense to watch out for SyncML client for  
Android, or to help writing one. In that case, this list is the  
correct place, otherwise you better ask on the dev list, because using  
RPC hasn't much to do with synchronization.


Do you need professional PHP or Horde consulting?

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