[turba] Re: Contact Management

Atif Ghaffar aghaffar@developer.ch
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 06:59:19 +0200

James Tavares wrote:
> Does my reasoning make sense? I know that in general you like to make things
> rather robust, so I might be missing something about a possible future
> feature with Turba that my implemenation could be conflicting with. (I.e.,
> the fact that you call an "object" what I would call a "contact" or "address
> book entry" possibly means that there is something else turba could be
> serving up one day? hmmmm?   :) )

Yes, my bookmarks. :)

Speaking of which , can groups contain groups that contains groups?
Example, I may want to have Computers | Internet | WWW | programming
languages | PHP | www.php.net (this one is a record, the rest are

maybe I should go to sleep now.