[turba] Re: problem with duplicate dn with LDAP backend (andreas oster)

Ed Murray mail at avenuedesign.net
Thu Apr 15 20:32:58 PDT 2004

Hi Andreas,
	I am very interested in your code. There appears to be a line that has
been chopped off. Could you repost again please. Take note of the line
that starts with:



      * Adds a new entry to the contact source.
      * @param array $attributes  The attributes of the new object to
      * @return mixed             The new __key value on success, or a
      *                           PEAR_Error object on failure.
     function addObject($attributes)
         if ($this->readonly) {
             return false;

         // Always generate a new key.
         $attributes['__key'] = 

         if (!isset($attributes['__type'])) {
             $attributes['__type'] = 'Object';

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