[turba] CSV Importing

Mike H. Bydalek mbydalek at mobilemini.com
Tue Jun 22 07:23:25 PDT 2004

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

>> It actually seems as if any user created mapping doesn't get imported.  I'll
>> submit it to bugs if I know it's not me (Since I've been hacking away on a
>> bunch of stuff recently).
> A version number might help answering your question.

Doh! I'm so used to just dealing with HEAD I completely forgot!!  So 
the version
I am using is HEAD, as of yesterday.

After poking around a lot last night, I finally saw that the problem was my
first row in the cvs file, which contained the field names.  If they didn't
match exactly to what the source fields were, it didn't work.

What I mean is, I have a source which just has: name, email, title, company,

If my first row of the cvs was just  "name, email, title, company" only name,
email and title would get mapped automatically.  I would then manually map
company and it wouldn't import.  When I added notes in the first field, it
automatically mapped everything but notes.

If this is a bug (which I think it is, having to do with the last 
column, of the
first row in a cvs file), I'll go ahead and submit it to bugs.horde.org.


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