[turba] edit LDAP entry

Erick Lopez elopez at ues.edu.sv
Tue Oct 18 07:54:58 PDT 2005

Hi everyone,
I am setting up turba to display our employee listings. I used phpldapadmin to
create the LDAP users tree and I am able to login as an employee, browse the
employee tree and edit ONLY my personal imformation. 

I log into IMP using my LDAP account and then Turba allows me to browse the
employee tree but when I try to update my own entry I get a "Read Only address
book" error..

my slapd.conf says :
access to *
         by dn="cn=admin,dc=my,dc=company,dc=fake" write
	 by self write
         by * read

Any ideas ...? thanks in advance.

Unidad de Educación a Distancia
Universidad de El Salvador
Tel. +(503) 22251500 ext.4183

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