[turba] Shared address book

Michael Rubinsky mike at theupstairsroom.com
Wed Oct 19 08:31:12 PDT 2005

> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 09:27:49 -0400
> From: "Kevin M. Myer" <kevin_myer at iu13.org>
> Subject: Re: [turba] Shared addressbook

> In HEAD code:
> The above could still apply, although the config options have changed 
> a bit.  A
> new feature has been added that implements the Horde_Share concept.  It is
> currently only supported for SQL address books, and I believe is largely
> untested.

While I don't believe this has been tested well enough, in enough 
different settings to be considered production level, I have been using 
this set up at a client's installation without any problems - as of 
yet, anyway.

Of course, I may be biased for using this approach ;)

Michael Rubinsky
TheUpstairsRoom Consulting

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