[turba] Enabling view of additional fields in LDAP directory using Turba

Jon-Michael DeShazer jdeshazer at horanandmcconaty.com
Tue Jan 24 13:30:49 PST 2006

I want turba to be able to show employee titles, fax numbers, and 
comments, in addition to the information already available when viewing 
an LDAP directory in Turba.  I would assume I would edit the 
/turba/config/sources.php file.  But I am not clear on how this is 
done.  Every attempt I make ends up with a php error.  How would my 
sources.php need to look to make the additional fields appear?

Jon-Michael DeShazer

IT Manager

Horan & McConaty

Phone:  (303) 745-1771 ext 235

Fax:  (303) 750-2268

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