[turba] Possible Bug: Blank contact page due to "display:none" CSS value when using "tabs" in sources.php

Charles L. Montour charles at montour.net
Thu Apr 13 21:06:43 PDT 2006

Ok, that's a long subject, but I wanted to grab your attention to this 
specific problem.

I'm using version H3, 2.1 of Turba.  When I put "tabs" in the 
sources.php file, I see the tab in the HTML page, but I do not see the 
contact information affiliated with that "tab".  I looked at the HTML 
source and surprise! The data is actually in the source HTML.  At closer 
examination I found the following HTML and CSS preventing its display:

--- >8 Menu stuff ---

  "<div id="_section_Personal & Email" style="display:none;">"

--- >8 HTML table of contact data ---

If I take the tabs array out, it works just fine!  This same sources.php 
(with the tabs) worked fine in our older 2.0 version of Turba.


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