[turba] [api] getContact

Jonah Dekeyzer jonah at menzz.be
Mon Oct 27 11:16:16 UTC 2008


I have a problem using the api to get a contact.

Turba 2.2.1 with ldap backend

when I use
$registry->contacts->getContact(array('source' => 'sourcename', 
'objectId' => $key));

I receive an error:
*Warning*: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in 
*/usr/share/horde3/turba/lib/api.php* on line *1393*

I checked if I was using the correct source en objectId by using
$registry->contacts->search(array('names' => $cn, 'sources' => 
'sourcename', 'fields' => 'cn'));

In the results of this search, I find that I am using the correct key in 
the getContact method.

Can somebody help me with this matter?


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