[turba] keep turba in sync with employees DB

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Thu Jun 18 15:17:55 UTC 2009

> Turba has methods such search, getContact, replace, and import that 
> could be used for something like this.  However, if what your doing is 
> simply updating a few fields of existing contacts, it might be easier 
> for you to modify the turba_objects table directly. Most of the fields 
> in the turba_objects table are self explanatory. Some that might not be 
> include the object_id - a locally unique identifier, object_uid - a 
> globally unique identifier used mostly for syncing, owner_id - this is 
> either the username of the owner of the contact (if not using a shared 
> source) or the id of the share that represents the address book this 
> contact belongs to, object_type would always be "Object" for a contact, 
> object_members is only used when the entry defines a contact group and 
> contains a serialized hash of the contact ids that it contains.
> Thanks,
> mike
Hello Mike,

when employees quit or new one begin I have to delete or add records 
from the main address book. This looks a little bit complicated. 
Probably the  best way would be to delete all the records of this 
address book and reimport all. Because this entries will never be 
synched with a phone or so it should not be a problem that they change id.
I found the import_vcards.php script, but cannot find two things:

- instructions on how to start a php script from the command line
- a script that deletes the entries of a address book

Could you tell me where I find both ?


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