[turba] turba 2.1 to 2.3.1 migration problem.

Ming-Hsun Tsai tye.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 19:20:35 UTC 2009

Hi all:
Sorry I wrote a wrong subject. Repost.

I setup a new server to replace my old server and migrate all MySQL data
from old server to new server but new server has new version of horde
included turba 2.3.1. after all things done. I can't see my address book.
Please help.

Following is my step. hope it would help.

1.run 2.1_to_2.2_add_sql_share_tables.sql and
convert_datatree_shares_to_sql.php without errors.
2.export mysql data from old server to new server.
3.login to new server. check for address book. only showed the global shared
address book. the personal address book gone.....
4.I found some account can read its address book with
5.I tried to create personal address book for the user which can't read its
personal address book. to check if the address book created all contacts
back. but failed. and I found the [attribute_params] in this account is like
6.I try to update the [attribute_params] from
and the contact for that user bakk comes back.
7.so I update all users attribute_params to
to see if it works. but failed.
8.I have to create personal address book for the user whose address book
gone. and update the [attribute_params] every time to make the personal
contact back.

Seems I had missed a very important part. and I have more than 1000 user on
the server. SO PLEASE HELP~~~~

With My Best Regards


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