[turba] Configure an enterprise ldap server to be a contact backend for all turba users

VALOIS, Pascal pascal.valois at devinci.fr
Tue Apr 12 08:56:14 UTC 2011

Thx for the help.

I'm one step closer to a real solution.

Now the ldap adress book appears, but when searching i get the following 
error :

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Horde_Ldap' not found in 

horde was installed with pear. so were imp, ingo and turba.

Does anyone know where that come from ?

Le 11/04/2011 18:32, Jan Schneider a écrit :
> Zitat von "VALOIS, Pascal" <pascal.valois at devinci.fr>:
>> Hello,
>> I installed horde4, imp5 and turba recently.
>> So far, i can read and send mail, and have a personnal adress book 
>> based on mysql.
>> but i tried to add an ldap backend adding thoses lines in backend.php :
> Do NOT edit backend.php. Create a backend.local.php if necessary.
>> $cfgSources['localldap'] = array(
>>       // Disabled by default
>>       'disabled' => false,
> ..
>> No error found in horde.log and apache2 error.log, so i assume there 
>> is no missing part.
>> but this adress book don't appears in the interface ?
> Did you select it in your preferences?
> Jan.

Pascal Valois
Service Informatique
Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci

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