[turba] CardDAV access from MacOS Address Book

Anna Christina Naß acn at annachristina.eu
Wed Jun 12 12:14:49 UTC 2013


I tried to add my Horde CardDAV server to the MacOS Address Book (OSX 10.7).

I entered my user credentials, selected "CardDAV" as account type and  
entered the URL as it has been shown in Turba, e.g.  

At first, it said, that the connection is insecure (although I use  
https and do not allow http...) but then it refuses to use this  
account or show any content.

In the MacOS X "Konsole" window (i.e. the system logs), I found  
several of the following entries:

12.06.13 14:04:38,159 AddressBookSourceSync: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR]  
CardInfoFromVCardData(): Ignored vCard at  
/rpc.php/addressbooks/<username>/contacts%3afavourites/imp%40lists.horde.org.vcf because there is no UID property:  
FN:imp at lists.horde.org
EMAIL;TYPE=INTERNET:imp at lists.horde.org
N:imp at lists.horde.org;;;;

and following:

12.06.13 14:04:38,160 AddressBookSourceSync: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR]  
-_handleAddsOrModifies: could not parse vCard in  

What can I do here?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Anna Christina Naß

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