[turba] turba as carddav client

Martin xk3 at mompl.org
Mon Aug 25 19:20:31 UTC 2014

Hi all

In my setup, I have a calendar and contacts server (i.e. the open source 
version of the iCal server) up and running for all address and calendar 
related services. I'd like to reuse it for horde/turba, or to be more 
precise, for the email autocompletion of horde/imp. Is turba already 
able to use a remote carddav server, or are there any plans for 
implementing it?

The reason why I'm not considering to switch over to turba as my main 
carddav server is its backend storage based on fixed attributes. vcards 
are extensible by the users and can contain any number of unforeseen 
attributes which should survive a sync with all their clients. 
Currently, unknown attributes are just silently discarded by turba. 
Maybe a solution for fixing this would be to extract for internal use 
just the attributes such as name and email(s) which are really required 
for the horde modules and/or should be editable in turba, but just store 
all the others and do the sync magic with the clients without trying to 
interpreting them (an approach I know from davical).


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