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Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 17:56:58 -0500

Quoting "Florian Ortner" <florian.ortner@nme.at>:

> i've just browsed the HORDE website (btw, IMP rocks) and have spotted your 
> upcoming web-based project management system. i've already coded a 
> bug-tracking-system, FAQ system with PHP4 but didn't have enuff time (and 
> funds) to finish them in a way where they may get useful for other people. 
> now i see a chance of doing so. do you need any assistance regarding the 
> bug-tracking-system ? did you already specify the project ? how much people 
> are working at it ? 

Well, it's sort of in limbo right now. It's had a few false starts, and Chora 
(http://horde.org/chora/), a CVS viewer, has managed to grow full-fledged out 
of it, but there's currently no significant code or activity. However, given a 
good core of code to work on, I'm sure that a bunch of us would be interested 
in hopping in and working on it - I know I would. So, if you're interested in 
what you've written being used as a start for an actual WHUPS project (the name 
is negotiable, if there's one that you're already attached to <g>), subscribe 
to this list (whups@lists.horde.org - http://horde.org/mail/ for more info) and 
post what you've got!


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