[whups] Upgrade broke db access

Dan Wilson dan@acucore.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:01:37 -0600

I upgraded my PHP to 4.2.2 today (due to the security bulletin), and of course 
that also upgraded my PEAR.

But it looks like whups doesn't like the new PEAR_DB.  It gives me the 
following error:

DB Error: connect failed
[line 30 of /home/dan/public_html/horde/whups/lib/Driver/sql.php]
Details have been logged for the administrator.

Everything else appears for work ok.  Perhaps the new PEAR_DB doesn't like a 
plain DSN, but want's it broken apart in the array.

Whups is the only module (that I have) that wants a full dsn instead of the 
params array.