[whups] new to whups

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter@physics.utexas.edu
Mon Oct 28 15:29:25 2002

Quoting Gary Weinreb <gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com>:

> Right now I've just got a whups preference for Mode?  Bugs or Projects.  0
> or 1.  Then I'm working at toggling the human readable strings according to
> the preference setting.  That gives me 2 sets of 5 or 6 different strings,

Interesting idea.  Two thoughts come to mind.  Of limited value to
most modules, but very interesting to modules like whups that can perform
multiple duties.  Basically copy the "themes" functionality into the locale

Create multiple folders under /po/, one for each "function."  So we
might have /po/bugs/ and /po/projects/ for example.  Set a preference or
configuration item that says which we want (bugs or projects).  Test this
in common-header or whatever, and set the locale up to use the correct one.
This can be done very similar to themes -- no setting uses /po/, a setting
of "bugs" uses /po/bugs/, etc.  I'm thinking that we would want it as a 
config item though, and not a preference, as that is more logical in most

As people start modifying it for their own use, they simply need create
a new "locale" setup and then submit for inclusion...

I think this would be way-cool personally.  Again, I can't think of any
other modules that would need this kind of "function" theme support.  So
it might be something just for whups...  But I think there could be other
existing or future modules that can also be multi-function and hence
use such a feature.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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