[whups] new to whups

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Sat Nov 2 03:38:32 2002

Quoting Gary Weinreb <gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com>:

> It seem like the top-level setting for such interfaces would HAVE to
> offer the user to choose the "context/theme" of Modules to include, unless 
> only one was being used, and/or defer to a default...
> The personal context would be very different, i.e. I would think about
> Bugs differently, need info about Bugs Modules - Active Bugs in a 
> different manner than I would think about, require info about Projects 
> Clients - Active Projects...

Hmmm. I can buy this, conceptually, but coding-wise, it's icky. :) I like
the term contexts, though. I want to come up with a way of dealing with it
that doesn't turn it into a vastly overcomplicated application.

Do you think we really need to account for using multiple contexts on the
same install?


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