[whups] Add User code question

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck@horde.org
Tue Nov 12 01:21:55 2002

Quoting Mike Baptiste <mike@msbnetworks.net>:

> OK, so I'm still chewing on the PHP object model trying to fix this
> dupliicate User field when editing a Module's user owners.  (CLick users
> responsible for this module when editing a module - I get the User field
> twice)

Alright, I must have been blind. Of course I had this too. It's fixed now in

> This is also a problem in the 'edituserform' case and the
> edituserstep1form case (except here, the select pulldown repeats twice
> due to the $form->EditUserStep1Form($vars); call at the end of the
> $form->isValid block.

This too.

Sorry for being boneheaded,

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