[whups] whups modifications

Gary Weinreb gweinreb@rocksolidsystems.com
Fri Nov 15 17:08:53 2002

Attached is a diff file (diff -urN) of my development whups directory against
HEAD whups of the night of Nov.12, minus my configuration stuff and the earlier
changes I made to reflect the "projects" context, which would just get in the
way at this point.  I hope that this is recent enough.  Please let me know if
this isn't usable...

It contains:

1) changes to Add Ticket which enable an Admin to jump directly to Edit Versions,
Edit States, and Edit Priorities from the Ticket Creation process.

2) changes to Edit Type, (Admin) which enables the user to Merge (copy without
duplication) States and Priorities from Types which are set as "default" by
beginning their names with an underscore "_".  (hey, gotta start somewhere...)

3) changes to calls to getAllTypes to get either getAllTypesButDefault, or
getAllDefaultTypes, as appropriate. 

4) changes to the ORDER BY clause of getStates and getPriorities to order by ID
instead of alphabetically by name, so that some control over sequencing exists.

5) changes to US_EN help to describe the Default Types usage... 

I like Chuck's idea of just having a checkbox to designate a Type as default or
not, presumably tied to a new whups_types field.  If ya'll think that's a better
way to implement this, I'll do it, plus other suggestions of improvements...

I think that's it.  Sorry it took longer than expected...  In the immortal words
of John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans...".

Please give me feedback and patience,

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